March Break N’ Bake

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Do you have a Lil’ Baker? A Budding Entrepreneur?

Lil’ Bakers is a fun baking  program designed to bring out the best in your Lil’ Baker and budding entrepreneur!

  • 1 weeks of our March Break baking activities
  • “Start Your Own Business” Kids Course
  • Kid Friendly Business Plan Builder
  • 6 Amazing recipes
  • Digital and Printable Recipes
  • Online membership with 24/7 access
  • Extra on-line Zoom fun tutorials to add extra fun
  • Certificate of Completion

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Topics for this course

14 Lessons

Let’s Bake Safely!?

Before we start baking let's make sure we do it safe. So let's have a look at some safety tips.

Bake Day One?

What on the menu for today? Today students will be baking Bread in a Bag. It is a fun and easy recipe that is great clean and yummy fun. 2. Participants will also start thinking about a business idea. 3. Take the Quiz and see what you remember! Always have fun!

Bake Day Two?

On Day we will bake one of my favorites! Vanilla Cake Based Donuts. Just as yummy as they sound. We will also do an activity to help you turn your business idea into a business plan.

Bake Day Three?

On Day Three we will bake a classic 6" Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. We will also do an activity that will show us how to get money to purchase supplies.

Bake Day Four?

One of the gooiest and yummiest treats have just gotten better and more fun to make! Colorful cinnamon rolls with a sprinkle of fun

Bake Day Five

Bake Day Six

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Very Impressed

Exceptional 👏🏽👏🏽

I agree. I want a grown ups version please!!! I wish I had something like this as a kid or school taught this. Highly recommended

I love the business building section. Very nic

The Lil Bakers Kit is amazing my kids love it. And the recipes look really yummy. Not started yet but can't wait

Highly recommend! 😁Best online kids program so far

Just Yummy!

Far above what I was expecting. My kids love their baking kits

We did the summer workshop and my daughter was so excited for the march break camp. The recipes and the business stuff are so amazing! I wish there was one for adults too!!! Can't wait Thanks again Cassandra